Corporate Values

Our corporate values are reflected in every aspect of our business

At Moorfield, we believe that every element of our business is anchored by our corporate values. They reflect our personality, our priorities and our fundamental belief in the importance of achieving excellence with integrity, respect and responsibility.

  • To excel at what we do whilst enjoying what we do
  • To be entrepreneurial and innovative
  • To treat people equally and fairly and to support equality of opportunity for all
  • To align the interests of our employees with those of our investors through long term incentives
  • To value team achievement as well as personal
  • To recognise that an appropriate work/life balance is key to keeping skilled staff
  • To govern our business professionally, responsibly and ethically
  • To value relationships
  • To be aware of our social impact on the environment we operate in
  • To give back to society in a way that maximises our impact

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