Our corporate values are reflected in every aspect of our business

ESG objectives and considerations are built into every part of Moorfield’s business. Our comprehensive ESG policy is interwoven across our fundraising, investment and asset management activities and we are committed to achieving operational net zero carbon by 2030. Our NZC commitments and how we expect to achieve these are set out in our separate NZC policy.

Additionally, our Sustainable Construction and Refurbishment Guide expands on our ESG policy and applies it to the minimum standards we expect in our developments.

At Moorfield, we believe that it is imperative to target positive and proactive ESG outcomes across our business. This, therefore, forms an important commercial objective across our businesses. Each potential investment is rigorously assessed against numerous ESG objectives before acquisition and an operational net zero carbon pathway identified and incorporated into all business plans. This also enables the futureproofing of our investments in relation to physical climate transition risk and NZC transitional risk.

These plans also include further commitments around biodiversity, community engagement, occupier and employee wellbeing, social outcomes and waste management.

Environmental – Developing new, highly efficient real estate and refurbishing existing stock to the highest possible standards for modern occupiers thereby reducing energy consumption and achieving our NZC pathway transition goals.

Socio-economic – Our objectives are to be net positive social contributors as a result of our investments and their operations. This includes engagement with tenants and local communities.

Health and wellbeing – We strive to provide properties which can support safe, productive and comfortable spaces whether for work, recreation or living. We seek to support good health, awareness and vitality as well as enable relationship building and positive interaction across individuals. This also applies at a Corporate level contributing positively to individuals’ careers and the Corporate culture.

Governance – All our operations comply with legal, financial, regulatory and property-related frameworks and are adaptable to future legislation. We are both signatories to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment and members of GRESB as well as aligning our reporting with TCFD.

We have set out below a summary of our progression over the last calendar year as well as the workstreams we are currently progressing (our Annual ESG report provides greater detail on each).

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